Find out how to make your Barbie doll the queen of the runway with these insanely cute clothes tricks and much more! : ) No one is ever too old for dolls! So I highly recommend you to watch these Barbie doll hacks!
I'll demonstrate how to create super stylish hairstyles using simple threads, design tons of incredibly stylish and fashionable outfits using old clothes and even balloons!
And if you're not satisfied with the balloon outfits, I have another great idea for you! Take some Play-doh, use plastic cup as a carcass and make beautiful evening gowns for your girly girl!
Action lamp and miniature pool ideas are waiting for you as well! Have fun! : )
And don't forget to make to make some stylish furniture for our Barbie house and make it more comfortable and cozy to live in! Let's make some foil fixtures for a bath, colorful cupboards, shopping bags and more! Old matchboxes, plastic bottles, CDs, everything will come in handy!
Turning "trash" into something miniature is one of my favorite aspects of miniatures.
Plastic salt & pepper shakers from the Dollar Tree. Remove the top to use as a "glass" bowl or a light cover.
Carefully remove the bottle's plastic cap with a sharp blade, for miniature frosted juice glasses.
Remove eraser caps from mechanical pencils for miniature drinking glasses.

3:26 Stylish backpack
3:53 Golden handbag
7:35 New bathtub
9:31 California chairs

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  • Did you know that you can make a whole bath for a barbie? Don't believe us? Well, look how it's easily done at 14:20! ;) Did you have a Barbie house as a child? Which room was your favorite in this?

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